Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The Times of Harvey Milk" added to National Film Registry

Rob Epstein's 1984 film The Times of Harvey Milk has been named to the National Film Registry.  As reported in today's Washington Post: "The registry, created in 1989, designates the moving images that it deems historically, culturally and aesthetically important enough to be preserved by the library, guaranteeing that they will become part of the nation’s permanent visual record." The article goes on to note that the choice "came as welcome news to board members and outside observers who had perceived a conspicuous absence of films by and about gay Americans on the national registry."

Rob's reaction: "As my mother said, 'it just can't get better than this,' and I have to say I agree. Now The Times of Harvey Milk is literally an institution. What an honor."

Read the official Library of Congress press release



Nicholas Sung said...

Wow wow wow.

This is incredible news, congratulations!

Nicholas Sung said...

Wow wow wow!

This is incredible news, congratulations!