Thursday, September 13, 2012

Telling Pictures Sweeps "25 Greatest Gay Documentaries" List

On Monday, September 10th, posted The 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries, and the films of Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman completely dominated the list, taking up five of the rankings. Epstein’s 1977 directorial debut Word Is Out made its mark at #16 on the list. Epstein and Friedman’s 1989 Academy Award winning documentary Common Threads made it to #8, and their 2000 film Paragraph 175 came in at #6. This was already gratifying enough, but the list was really swept when two Telling Pictures films topped the rankings, taking both second and first place; Rob Epstein’s Oscar-winning documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk, was named #2, and the spot of #1 went to Epstein & Friedman’s Peabody- and Emmy-winning documentary, The Celluloid Closet. One blogger even went on to state that, “Not only is The Times Of Harvey Milk the best gay documentary, it is one of the greatest documentaries of all time” and “The Celluloid Closet is also amazing. It is very funny and entertaining.” From Rob and Jeff and all of us at Telling Pictures, thank you!


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