Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009:

It's the final day of principal photography!

We shot more moments from Ginsberg's life, including he and Kerouac fooling around with two poet girls late one night, Allen with Peter Orlovsky at home (based on actual photographs they took of him), and Allen's life in a shady 1950's New York cold water flat. Finally, we shot the scenes of Allen creating Howl in his San Francisco apartment, passionately writing late into the night in a fit of inspiration.

It's been an extraordinary shoot thanks to the remarkable cast and crew - everyone brought their own unique gifts to the table and truly contributed immeasurably to the final result! We thank everyone for their passion and commitment to Howl. Now the post-production process commences... We will keep you updated as the next phase of Howl begins,and the film continues to take shape. Thanks for reading the blog and going on this journey with us through production.

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