Monday, April 6, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009:

Yet another section of the film was shot today (and will continue next Wednesday) - Allen Ginsberg speaks to an off-screen reporter in 1957 about his life, the events that lead to the creation of Howl, and his thoughts on the trial. These interview segments will be intercut with the trial testimony, the flashbacks through Ginsberg's life, and the animated sequences of the Howl text itself.

James Franco and the directors delved deeply into the material, as Allen confesses directly to camera about his struggles with love, friendship and truly finding his voice as an artist. Take after take, James embodied Ginsberg's mannerisms. Yet James was also able to make it his own and find an intimate way of telling these very personal stories from Ginsberg's life as he struggled with his unrequited love of Jack Kerouac, dealt with his mother's insanity, and finally found love with Peter Orlovsky. Director Jeffrey Friedman played the off-screen reporter who questions Allen throughout the movie, while Rob Epstein directed from behind the camera.

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