Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Special screening at NewFest (NY LBGT Film Festival)

Saturday, June 5, 8pm
SVA Theater 2
Framed around the landmark obscenity trial surrounding Allen Ginsberg’s career-defining work, HOWL is a star-studded, genre-busting film that shows how far we’ve come with civil rights and how far we have to go.
In 1956, San Francisco poet and bookstore owner Lawrence Ferlinghetti published Ginsberg’s (James Franco, Milk) poem “Howl”, a groundbreaking record of the beat poetry movement that contained references to drug use and homosexuality. Just a few months later, Ferlinghetti was put on trial for his role in publishing taboo literature. While the battle over First Amendment rights rages in the courtroom,HOWL spins off two parallel narratives: one a breathtaking animated re-imaging of the poem in question, and the other a revealing look at Ginsberg’s introduction to beat poetry and homosexuality in 1940s New York City.
Howl features supporting roles by Mary-Louise Parker (“Weeds”),Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”), and Jeff Daniels (The Squid and the Whale), and a gorgeous score by Carter Burwell (No Country for Old Men).

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